Total Eclipse of the Sun – The Heart of Darkness

Two celestial bodies move through solitude in space.  Created by separation at the beginning of time, when all was one, periodically they cross paths and find each other again, after countless moments alone.  They approach slowly, patiently, hoping and longing for an embrace and rejoining of souls. The first touch is as gentle as a light beam caressing skin; then soft fingers tips touch and press together – impossible to see, almost imperceptible to feel. Slowly moving closer, their bodies begin to come together – pressing into the other, slowly melting together. Finally, suddenly, they join completely – together as one body again, for a moment – casting aside all other attentions, casting Earth from light into darkness – they focus attention completely on each other.  Then the moment passes by, and they move slowly on, returning to the endless journey through solitude in space.

The photos below were created during the Total Eclipse of the Sun on August 21, 2017.

Location: Blythewood, South Carolina [34.185, -81.042]
Date: Monday August 21,2017
First photo in series: 02:47:14 PM
Final photo in series: 02:53:18 PM
Elapsed time: 06:04 (six minutes, four seconds)

The photo series begins moments before the Total Eclipse.  No sunlight filter was used on the camera.  Exposure settings are shown in the captions below the photos.  (I had no idea my camera could take exposures at 1/6000 of a second – now I know, but I’m not sure when I will use that again.)  Exposure settings were changed several times in the course of the series – which is the cause of the different brightness the images.  The brightness of the eclipse remained nearly constant to the naked eye.  The brightness in the first few photos and in the photos at the end show the sun just peeking out.  For the last two photos, I used a sunlight filter place in front of the lens.  My filter was one eye from a pair of “look at the sun glasses.”  They worked well for the camera too.


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