Hello Cats!

Welcome to www.whatnotnow.com

This is our first post – our first words in cyberspace. And we are pleased to use this moment to call out our greetings and welcome: Hello Cats!

To all cats, wherever and whoever,

We cheer and we shout,

Greetings and welcome at our new blog/space

Any cats, all cats we call to you.

House cats, new cats – kittens welcome too.

Mad cats, sad cats – come see a nice view.

The Cat in the Hat – yes, even you!

Come see what we do.

Come give us a poke to see if it floats.

Tells and shout, greetings and welcome

We happily Greetings and welcome to all cats out and about.

No care for how you dress,

, no worry abot about size, no worry aboutAny size, any shapearound and about t aimed around and about, to cats that are out and abot

to any cats to any cats, we shout.

Any cats, cool cats,

house cats, new cats,

mad cats, sad cats,

even to any cat in a hat.

cats about in hats, we hope – all

come and tell us where we’re at.

we should be so lucky – any kinda cat – really everyone is welcome and invited to poke around. and any other class of cat.  Thank you all for taking the time to drop by to this page, which is the first posting on www.WhatNotNow.com.   We welcome everyone (of course) – not just cats – and thank you for visiting.

We hope you find something here that grabs your interest or tickles your funny-bone or causes you to pause in a moment of deeper consideration.  And please leave comments or share some ideas while you visit.


We use WordPress software as the foundation and tools for building this site. The home page at  www.WordPress.com gives an excellent description of the software in 16 words:

“WordPress is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app.”

WordPress (last visited on 2019-05-27)

We hope they are right about building  because we have begun.We certainly hope to create a beautiful website.  Our goal is to build a framework and functions that offer a reflection of our imaginations. The content, according to current plans  creative creations constructed from life orfrom chasing after daydreams and wrestling rhetorical questions

Content for the space will s space will serve as home for wandering thoughts and orphaned ideas that groThe space will serve as home for We hope to fill the space with creative creations constructed from chasing after daydreams and wrestling with rhetorical questions, and musing.   the random thought or idle mind created to give expression that need a place to live.  We expect that the things placed here to will grow to fill the space without the pressures of commercial demands (… we don’t plan on quitting our day jobs for this).  And we are not computer scientists by training or profession – we will be learning as we go.  So our knowledge and skill in the construction of this site are gained by experience in the field, as we go – the hard way.

The software

  will make t, but our home here on the web is a fabWe are not computer scientists, but this small of patch of space that we call our home on the web of real estate on the web is, in fact, .  But here we are building a little  but this is computer science. – opens up this little patch of space on the web Software the things around us in this space.  We like it – it got us here, at least. The homepage –

What have we begun? – would be a good question now.  Or – Where are we going from here? another good question.  Or – what plans for growth? – a fine question.  None of these questions are unexpected – all have been considered – none are the number of answers we offer today.  Today we refer, avoid, defer on answering these questions, but please return soon to check on our progress.

As of today – our investigations into the reasons for being here continue to delve deeper into the cobwebs that decorate the known boundaries of our rational reasoning.   ofat the edge of reasoning at the corners op along meandering and are developing a few clues with promise – these are being carefully marshaled by thoughtful ideas.  However, our evidence is insufficient to name any parties, nor have we assigned any guilt, no arrests are planned, we decline further comment on open investigations.  But perhaps someday, we will find a reason for us being here, and we’ll gladly share it when it’s found.

Pending some definition of our purpose, perhaps visitors will be drawn here to be amused by the silly babbling and weak obfuscation attempting to avoid further answers and questions.  Let’s  return to the celebration instead.

Why cats? (perhaps you are asking)

A good question, again. But we can answer this. The traditional first phrase to be issued from new computer software is:

“Hello, World!”

This traditional is established in new installations of WordPress, with the inclusion of a “sample” first blog post with the title: “Hello, World!” We rejected “Hello Worlds” for our first post – as being habitual and ritualistic without serving a purpose or adding feeling. Anyway – we wanted something new – something different.  (Also – the thought of addressing the world, released in a single, long, resonant breath to echo around the globe: HELLO, WORLD!! … Yup, the world is a very big place – and our aspirations were modest.

We needed a new introduction – a new welcome – to give the world from our point on the web.  So we thought.  Many thoughts rolled uselessly around in the darkness of the head. But an opening statement eluded me for some time.  One night, I sat in a nearly dark room and absorbed in my thoughts as they stumbled and circled with shadows like punch-drunk boxers caught in the corners of the dark room.

Cat (that’s what I call her … simply: “Cat”) wandered across the room silently to where I sat in my chair.  Where she came from is unknown – one of her places. I thought she was outside, so her appearance with me came as a surprise. She sat for a moment on the hardwood floor looking up at me.

The timing of Cat’s visit was uncanny.  She arrived sitting beside my chair exactly at the moment my focus turned from the dark thoughts fighting with shadows to external connections. Without further notice, Cat jumped from the floor with smooth and soundless grace, landing on my lap where she turned and settled to make herself at home lying against my chest.  Cat and I were connected.  I understand Cat at these times.  And Cat understands me, which I deeply appreciate.

I settled back and began to scratch Cat behind the ears. She purred, I scratched, she flexed claws, I scratched, she purred, I rubbed, she pushed back, rub, purr… We spent 20 minutes on this ritual, which is usually enough for both of us.  She got up, jumped to the floor, and walked away, probably to go hunting for small creatures in the moonlight.

Cats are interesting creatures. They demonstrate strong independence and, at the same time, they bond with people in ways that I don’t fully understand.  Maybe someone understands it, but I don’t know how to find out who and where that person is.  I do know, from experience, that cats are astoundingly loyal and astonishingly reliable to give solace and company when truly needed.

They do what they want when they want. There is little anyone can do to alter the path once a cat starts down it. Cats do not demonstrate affections grossly – they prefer to remain aloof or at least retain an appearance of aloof.  But cats develop deep connections to people that live with them (if those people allow it).  A good connection with a cat shows strong affection and loyalty in the bond.

Cats are not aloof – quite the opposite. Cats need to create connections just as people do.  Cats need touch and empathy – they need people that listen in cat talk.  Cats are generous and share deeply through their connections.  If your eyes are closed as you sit and commune with your cat you can hear and feel the depth and breadth of the attachment.

Because of this – Cats make excellent friends.  Cats share this with you if you give them freedom (and food, regularly) and an equal measure of loyalty and empathy to your best ability.  It’s a fair exchange. I think cats provide an excellent model for positive friendships. Hopefully, we can grow some here.  So, we open the doors here with:

Hello, Cats!

We hope the meaning is clear – we welcome cool cats of all varieties, both feline and not.   Hello, Cats!! – we welcome all who would be friends, all with aspirations at least of being cool as cats.

So here we go.

And – Hello Friends.


This site (whatever it is or may become) came into existence as the result of inspirations, affirmations, encouragements, questions, challenges, arguments, debates, honesty, empathy, and time invested in the close connections of true friends.  That includes everyone in life that cared enough to truly connect – each connection makes a difference that grows with compounded returns on the investment.  Special thanks must be noted for a few: TB – for opening connections solely on faith, for asking questions and demanding truth even when continuing the search is the only true answer possible, for understanding more than you admit and knowing more than you realize, and for the strength to continue the search and keep asking anyway.  Cat – for the connection and for listening and understanding enough to answer when truly needed, thank you.  (But please get your head out of my face and stop walking on the keyboard.)  M – You taught me that anything is possible, then you showed me that anything can be.  You were the best and I miss you, quite a bit. For all of you – friends, visitors, cats, and others – let’s see what happens next.

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