Red roses

[a dozen red roses]

“Red roses” [or – “a dozen red roses”] – two words (eight letters).

These words – eight letters – fill my mind with a wealth of images, feelings, meaning.  Words often surprise me, but as a started to put these photos up I started to think about these two words in particular.  Of course, the words “red roses” immediately conjure in my mind visual images of red roses. Along with the mental images, my mind also conjures symbolic meanings that are associated with red roses.  I won’t try to explain the associations that come into my mind – to each their own.

The photographs here seek to capture images that hold the idea of red roses.  It happens that I was inspired to get around to publishing this study in part because of the celebration of a birthday by a friend.  I am happy to acknowledge the inspiration and happily dedicate these photos to the celebration of birthdays – and any and all other emotions that come to mind.