Selected Selections: Clean, by Taylor Swift

I enjoy music. I enjoy sharing music that I like.  I am pleased to start sharing music here.

New Category – for postings that share music:

Selected Selections = Music Offerings

The name “Selected Selections” is borrowed, and I am happy to attribute and thank the creator: Gary – an old who during the summer of 1975  turned me on to a lot of great music.  Gary and I had rooms on the third floor in the very back wing of an old and grand Palace in the Mountains.  The summer staff for the Palace were moved out and into new quarters.  Gary and I did not work for the Palace (he kept the greens on the golf course; I guided young climbers and adventurers into the Mountains and wilderness). 

We were left in the old rooms, on the third floor, in the back, just us two.  Thank God.  It was great.

We listened to a lot of great music – thank you, Gary – on the remote and isolated third floor we could blast music as loud and as long as we desired (Gary’s Bose 901 floor standing speakers kicked ass).  So we often did.  We got loud and no one ever complained.

Gary often created tapes of music selected for special purposes or occasions (employee beer party, dance party, road trips (Gary’s Dodge Dart Convertible was a great ride)).  Gary’s called these tapes:

Selected Selections

I adopted this nomenclature, and carry it on.

For copyright reasons – I pass concerns by proxy and:

Music by Borrowed from

Selected Selections will, for now, be shared with embedded videos from

I proceed in this fashion either assuming that the video is properly licensed and/or that my embedding of the video does not count as a separate violation – I am passing the buck – punting – wimping out.  If anyone disagrees or, worse, claims that my use violates some copyright – please let me know immediately and I’ll take things down until sorted out.

I would prefer to post audio recordings that people can download for their own libraries, but I want to respect any copyrights and posting full songs would, I believe, generally be considered a violation of copyrights.  (Someday I may dig deeper for loopholes, but not now.)  I don’t fully understand how (or why) music videos on don’t violate copyrights (except for videos labeled with something like “official version” which I assume are posted with permissions).

I am passing the buck by borrowing and jumping on the videos from  I hope it’s ok – I’ll fix it if anyone cries foul.


Selected Selections: 

Clean, by Taylor Swift

I heard this recently for the first time and was impressed.  (I heard it on Amazon Prime Music – which I find to be a good service, based on initial limited experience.

  • Album: 1989 (Deluxe Edition)
  • Released on: 2014-01-01
  • Author, Composer: Taylor Swift
  • Author, Composer: Imogen Heap
  • Music Publisher: Megaphonic Ltd
  • Music Publisher: Sony/ ATV Tree Publishing
  • Music Publisher: Taylor Swift Music


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