Hello Cats!

Hello, Cats! Welcome! Welcome, all!

This is our first post in our new place. We are building the place on top of the foundation of WordPress, which is described as “open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app.” WordPress provides a solid foundation with many options and great flexibility for creating interesting space. We will play around and see what happens.

We aim to fill the space with interesting items, whether we create any beauty, as promised by WordPress, we leave that judgment to the eyes of beholders. To start, we plan to serve as a home for random ideas and thoughts that might otherwise go homeless. We are particularly fond of random perspectives, attractive diversions, notable knowledge, practical methodology, and the occasional profound or artistic element.

We welcome cats, expressly, as we open our doors. Of course, we welcome everyone and anyone. But we wanted to have some direction in our first steps and we chose cats as our focus. Some may be asking (even if you don’t say so), “Why cats?” Well, we have reasons.

The first and obvious choice was to open this space with an article titled: “Hello World!” – a theme with a long-standing tradition in the field of computers that have been incorporated into WordPress, which when first installed includes a “sample” first post titled: “Hello World!” While it’s suggested that the sample post can be completely rewritten or simply deleted, to allow for the new site to open with something appropriate, many times it remains as the first post in WordPress sites. For us, we generally resist rules, particularly when based on old traditions without any supporting reasons. We saw no reason to open with “Hello World!”. Furthermore, the World is a very big place – very big. We, on the other hand, occupy this very small space and we fit here comfortably. We simply are not ready to take on the Whole World! So addressing the World seemed overly ambitious and beyond our modest aspirations and abilities.

So we started to think of other choices for the opening. And we thought. And we thought some more. At some point, a sound from the door caught our attention. It was Cat (that’s the cat’s name – honest 🙂 – very creative) pushing the door open. After forcing the door, Cat marched across my neatly arranged files to my desk, jumped up onto my lap, walked straight up my chest, and hit me on the head with her head – a cat head butt. She then collapsed into a comfortable position right in the middle of my chest and began to purr loudly. She’s an odd cat and this is her ritual for demonstrating affection. It’s an odd ritual, I admit. But it works – I feel her affection and connection (and she effectively states her demand for affection in return).

From her commanding position, Cat claimed full attention and thoughts of the title for our first post slowly went to rest. Cat enforced a moment of quiet – a comfortable moment. This allowed thoughts to come to rest and the mind to clear. It was very comfortable. For me, Cat’s appearance was not an accident or coincidence  – Cat appeared when she did because she was needed at that time.  She knew that, just as any true friend when they are needed.  We needed Cat to tell us that we were silly geese and upon her arrival Cat did just enough to bring an end. We found the simple answer that we needed – we want this site to be a place for friends – of all kinds.  So welcome – all of you. But the idea arose in connection with Cat, and that stuck. So here we are:

Hello Cats!

Before moving on – I say again that Cat appeared that day because, as a true friend, she was needed at that time.  While the ritual described is accurate, Cat does not do that often.  Really, she only does that when she is needed.  Most of the time, Cat is off chasing mice or bunnies in the yard, with apparent disregard for other family members. But when the family walks, Cat goes along for the walk. In the mountain, Cat goes for long walks with the family, venturing four miles or more on trails up into the mountains.  There is a deep connection between Cat and us, that can only be explained as true friendship. It clearly exists, in my eyes. I see it.

I have theories as to what makes Cat (and other cats) such a true friends. Part must come from time spent together – cats usually grow up from kittens as part of the family.   Part must come from mutual efforts to satisfy or fill basic needs for the other (and have basic needs filled by the other). Basic needs include occasional affection, food, water, clean cat litter, etc.  (Cat contributes mice and rabbits, leaving them at the door for our enjoyment.). That’s a fairly simple economic equation, with a reasonable balance of costs and benefits for each side.

But I am certain that Cat appeared on the day discussed because she was needed. She does that repeatedly – appearing when needed. How did she know? How and why does the connection go deep enough to be intuitive and unaffected by distance? On this – I can only offer a guess – that the true friendship that develops between cats and us is the result of both sides being willing and making a concerted commitment to listen to the other side with full attention and quiet focus – which allows for hearing, and understanding. When someone listens to you – and actually hears and understands – I think you have a true friend, just like a cat. But that’s just a guess.

In truth, I don’t know why.  But let’s get started with making new friends and growing old ones.


This site got started solely because of the help and encouragement of close friends. Thank you – all of you. You know who you are. A few special thanks must be made, however, by name. I give special thanks to:  TB – This could not have started without your help – I was truly stuck. With all my heart, thank you.  C – Get your head out of my face and get off the keyboard – but thanks, I needed that.  Sopwith – The first and best cat ever, I miss you still.   M – You were the best and I miss you, quite a bit. You made everything and anything possible. For all of you – named or not – onward and hopefully upward.

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