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Hello Again!!

We said in August 2017 for the second time because we upgraded our server. We undertake another reconstruction now - proceeding with a continuing rethinking of plan, purpose, and potential. During reconstruction our content may appear in various states of disorder, but we are working on it. All of the content previously published moved to a new address, here: Write On.  That page was the "Front Page" up until now, it simply got a new address.

Read More at Write On - The blog in a different place

Some Division of Labor to be Named in the Future

The current mess is caused by our desire for organization.  This makes sense, right? 

Desire for organization = mess

It makes perfect sense to me, but I hope to do better, soon.

Read More, as soon as we find it.

More Facts About Us or Projects of Interest

You want more?  The truth is:

Truth? You want truth? You can't take the truth.

Jack Nickolson, in some movie about the army misbehaving.

or ... Someday we will do a project.  If it's interesting, we will find space for it here.

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Our Latest Photographic Projects

Find Out More About Us

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